Gardening: My new crack!

Two things I’m wondering……is it weird that I have never had a houseplant, let alone a garden, at 48 years old? And also, is it weird how TOTALLY ENTHRALLED AND ADDICTED I AM after mere weeks of dipping my toes into the endless possibilities of this hobby?

I’m not exaggerating, I am like a crackhead right now. As with any endeavor, I want to be successful at it, so I armed myself with internet research and YouTube videos about how to actually do any of it. If I hadn’t done that, I would’ve left the little plants I bought in the containers they came in, watered them some, and probably cried when they never grew and died on me. I had no idea you had to replant all of this stuff when you got it home, nor did I realize the requirements for successful plants, and how much chemistry and other science-y things are involved. I’m happy to live in a good climate now with lots of sun and two balconies, so I decided to give it a try. I did grow up with my grandfather having a stunning garden full of food every year, and my mother has always had pretty flowers and success at vegetable gardening, so I was hoping some of their know-how and successes had seeped into my being by osmosis or something.

I knew I wanted to grow edibles that I regularly cook with, like tomatoes, peppers and basil, and that I wanted some pretty flowers for the balcony I regularly hang out on. I went to Homey D first, and was immediately attracted to a pot with big two-color purple flowers called a clematis. It wasn’t expensive, so I picked it up, as well as a little seed greenhouse thing, and some seeds, just to try it out from scratch. I found out later that the clematis is a vine grower and can be trained upwards easily, so then I had to buy some stakes for that sucker.

How pretty is this thing??

How pretty is this thing??

Not for nothing, but I have been tending to this dang plant like it’s a new born baby. And it has grown and made new buds in the few weeks I’ve owned it, and that is so exciting to me! I stare at it like it’s a mountain of gold coins or something. Is this weird?

I got some seeds as party favors at a wedding reception, so I planted them in the little peat squares greenhouse thing I bought, which just looked like a 13x9 pan with a plastic lid. I also planted some zinnias, which I’ve always loved, and some basil, just to see what would happen. When after only 6 days little green shoots were coming out of the soil, I LOST MY DAMN MIND! I felt so powerful! I put dry little shit in dirt, applied water, and voila! Magical, I tell you. After 2 weeks, this is what I have.


I have no idea how long this stuff usually takes, but this seems crazy! They already have little green leaves! And I re-potted just the strong-looking peat squares in this cute pot because the 13x9 pan was not cute and cheap AF. Who knows where these will go, but you better believe I am checking on them probably way too much. Because I AM OBSESSED.

We’ve had some rain and cold days, so I waited to get the little vegetable plants I wanted. UNTIL TODAY! OH FRABJOUS DAY! CALLOOH CALLAY! I now have a vegetable garden in grow bags on my second balcony. Two varieties each of peppers, tomatoes, and basil, all which are supposed to do well in containers.


The thought of being able to make my pasta sauce with items from my own garden is almost too much! I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but I am super excited at the prospect of growing things I can eat. I feel like I am crazy for never realizing that I had this desire before. Having indoor cats (and pure laziness) has kept me from having any houseplants, and as a die-hard renter who has been in low-light or bad climate or no outdoor space-land for far too long, I guess there really was no good time before.

Wish me and my new pals good luck!

New twister purple verbena friend for my clematis, who seemed lonely.

New twister purple verbena friend for my clematis, who seemed lonely.